Sixth China International Wire & Cable Technology Exhibition

  • Date:2016-03-17
  • Abst:Shanghai New International Expo Centre

    Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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    September 2014, the company held in Shanghai attended the Sixth China International Wire & Cable Technology Exhibition. The exhibition is the largest in Asia, the world's second cable, wire and tube industry event. On the opening day will be crowded, bustling museum, stream, popular sentiment continued until the end of the exhibition.

    The exhibition attracted more than the previous professional audience, it came to our booth during the exhibition to discuss the spectators flocked considerable part of the new audience, many professional buyers from Saudi Arabia and Iran also came to the exhibition site. Exhibition of advertising and marketing done particularly well, a lot of professional visitors from various countries and regions came to our booth and talks.

    The show has brought us many benefits, we also exhibitors from brothers learned a lot there. The exhibition shows a lot of new equipment, brought a lot of new technology. We also learned a lot.

    The exhibition provides us with a platform for mutual exchange, which is inseparable from the development of our business, and we hope to continue to provide better services in the future.